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About Red Arch
RED ARCH Cultural Heritage Law & Policy Research is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose purpose is to apply first-class research, analysis, and professional judgment to cultural heritage law and policy problems. The cultural property law research conducted by Red Arch is intended to assist U.S. and global policymakers, legal counsel, law enforcement, museum professionals, archaeologists, art and antiquities dealers, auction houses, collectors, conservators and restorers, and other cultural heritage professionals.

Our goals are to spark informed conversations about the stewardship of America’s and the world’s heritage; to identify and foster shared values that unify cultural property stakeholders; and to turn conversations about preserving humanity’s culture into solutions.

Our applied research on cultural heritage law and policy focuses on...

  • Antiquities trafficking and archaeological site looting
  • Provenance research methods
  • Museum acquisitions and deaccessions
  • Museum security
  • Cultural institutions threat recognition and management
  • Cultural objects in the marketplace
  • Repatriation claims for cultural property
  • Wartime looting and vandalism of cultural heritage
  • Intangible heritage preservation

Red Arch Cultural Heritage Law & Policy Research
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