Protecting Cultural Heritage

Cultural property law, policy, and documentation solutions for today’s challenges. Our work targets antiquities trafficking, archaeological site looting, artifact theft, and the destruction of monuments caused by transnational crime, terrorism, and war.

Our Mission

LEADING THE WAY to preserve the past.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose members are legal, museum, law enforcement, art, media, and heritage preservation professionals.  Our mission is to generate solutions to legal, political, and risk management problems affecting cultural heritage threatened by looting, trafficking, theft, vandalism, and war.

Hierapolis, Pammukale, Turkey. Ancient amphitheater. Panoramic landscape in the daytime.


Roxie Artifact Finder

K-9 Artifact Finders

Imagine a new way to sniff out looted antiquities stolen from archaeological sites with the aid of working dogs.

Lviv panorama with Bernardine Monastery

Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Protection

Advancing the documentation and preservation of Ukrainian cultural heritage at risk in the war zone.


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Roman Agora, Athens Greece. Stone column and wall, Ancient building remains at Plaka


Your tax deductible gift will fuel K-9 Artifact Finders, Ukrainian cultural heritage protection, and our research into looted, targeted, or vulnerable heritage so that we can preserve this cultural legacy for generations to come.

Get Involved

We welcome select volunteers dedicated to cultural property protection who possess demonstrated skills with fundraising, accounting, law, scientific research, archaeology, museum administration, security, compliance, statistics, government affairs, media, and more.

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