RED ARCH RESEARCH is made up of a talented group of cultural property protection leaders who have partnered together to bring intellectual strength and a spirit of innovation to the organization. We are led by volunteer board members, advisors, and consultants who have vast experience in law, policy, politics, museums, art, history, executive administration, law enforcement, academia, and journalism. We have assembled together to protect cultural heritage.

Because cultural heritage protection is an expansive field, RED ARCH RESEARCH is singularly committed to collaboration. We seek partnerships with universities and nonprofits to tap in to their institutional strengths in the social sciences, historic preservation, archaeology, art history, criminal justice, the physical and biological sciences, and statistics.

Victoria S. Reed, Ph.D.
Board of Director
Sadler Curator for Provenance,
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Ricardo A. St. Hilaire, J.D., CIPM
Founder and Executive Director
Cultural Heritage Lawyer

Kevin A. Swope, M.Phil., M.A.
President, Framingham History Ctr.

Bente Torjusen West
Board of Director
Director, AVA Gallery and Art Center 

Edward M. Van Dorn, Jr., J.D.
Attorney (Ret.), Van Dorn & Curtiss

Mark Vlasic, J.D.
Principal, Madison Law & Strategy Group
Jennifer Amadeo-Holl
Board of Director
Exhibiting Artist & Painter

Roger A. Atwood, M.I.P.P.
Board of Director
Author of Stealing History
Contributing Editor, Archaeology magazine

Darlene A. Bialowski
Principal, Darlene Bialowski Art Services
Former chair, Registrars Committee of AAM

Domenic DiGiovanni
Vice President
US Customs and Border Protection (Ret.)

Peter Herdrich
CEO, Cultural Capital Group
Former CEO of AIA
Former Senior Producer of Inside Edition

Amanda Nelson, J.D.
Board of Director
Attorney, Artium Amore

Board of Directors Emeriti/Emeritae

Melissa Howes, M.A.
Managing Director, AJ Promotions
Former U.S. Senate aide

Catherine McGovern, Ed.D., J.D., LLM
Past Secretary
Professor of entertainment law

Peter J. McGovern, J.D., Ed.D., LLM (Equiv.)
Past President
Former law school dean
Professor of art and entertainment law

Stacey Yap, Ph.D.
Professor (Ret.),
Plymouth State University

K-9 Artifact Finders Consultants

Dr. Michael Danti
ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives

Dr. David "Lou" Ferland (ret. police chief)
Executive Director, US Police Canine Assn

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cultural heritage protection
Cultural Heritage Protection
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